Rainbow Maker's World

A Rainbow Over the U.N. Building

A Metaphor for World Peace


On June 8 a natural rainbow was created over the United Nations Building. The rainbow was created in conjunction with the Nippon T.V. show, Sekai Marumie which was aired in Japan this summer. The New York City Fire Department provided a fireboat for the event. The fireboat position and time for the event were determined using a computer program I created to insure the rainbow would be seen directly over the U.N. Building.

Why the United Nations Building? The flags of all the nations fly at the United Nations building. I feel if our planet were to have a flag it would not be a piece of cloth, it would be the rainbow. So when I put a rainbow over the the United Nations Building I flew the planet's above all the other flags as a symbol for Global Unity and Peace. This rainbow is a reminder that our future depends on our willingness to work together as global citizens. The image represents a request to the United Nations to consider using artists with non verbal sensibilities as an alternative to weapons and force in negotiating conflicts.