Rainbow Maker's World

Burning Man 2014

Black Rock City, Nevada


Burning Man Rainbow

After I created a rainbow over the Man at AfrikaBurn using a new innovative technology in April of 2014 I was invited to Burning Man to create a rainbow over the man. Using a high pressure water system and only 18 gallons of water this rainbow was created over the Man on Monday and Tuesday afternoons viewable from the Playa.

The Rainbow was Burning Man Compliant in that all the water evaporated before hitting the ground. An innovative feed system was created using an ice chest. The rainbow was viewable for about 20 minutes. On the second day recycled clean cooler water was collected to further reduce the impact of the piece.

I look forward to returning to Burning Man to do an even larger version of the rainbow next year. I am grateful for the support of Diane Stern, Robert Althouse and last but not least the wonderful photograph of Andrew Miller.