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Making Natural Rainbow Events for Fund Raising and Publicity

Rainbows to Better the Human Condition

The Rainbow Maker

I am Fred Stern, an artist makes natural rainbows in the sky. I use large scale pumps work to pump water into the air to make an artificial rainfall which refracts the sun's light to create rainbows as large as 2000 feet across.

I am committed to creating rainbows to make our world a better place and will travel anywhere in the world for the right cause. To date I have made over 50 rainbows around the world. A natural rainbow in support of a fund raiser for health issues, or to promote an environmental cause or political event is so unique that it always has large attendance and receives major media coverage.

Burning Man Rainbow August 2014

I discovered an innovative technology for creating rainbows using high pressure water at the Africa version of Burning Man. After creating a rainbow over the Clan at Afrika Burn in May I was invited to Burning Man in Nevada to create a natural rainbow over the Man.

Joined by a brilliant support team using this new technology we created natural rainbows on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons using only 18 gallons of water on each day, not a drop of which touched the ground.


Burning Man Rainbow 2014


South Africa Free Election Anniversary

A Series of rainbows were created over Johannesburg in Celebration of the 20th anniversary of free elections, in April 2014. The documentary video of this project won 1 Gold, 2 Silver, and 2 Bronze awards at the Cannes Lion Festival for Creative Communications Industry. Click to see the award winning video.

Johannesburg Rainbow

Who the Rainbow Maker Worked With?

I created rainbows for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Events setting fund raising records, Make a Wish Foundation, Camp Sundown, The Alzheimer's Association, U.N. Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Portland Blues Festival, Stockholm Water Festival, Hague Appeal for Peace, Israel and Gaza Peace Conference., and the Colorado River Tribes protesting the placement of a nuclear dump site on sacred land.

I worked with Public Relations Firms, Major Film an Television Producers and City Governments including Coca Cola, Ikea, and Nippon TV.

Rainbow Over the U.N. Building

In 1995 in conjunction with National Japanese Television, I created a rainbow over the United Nations building as a visual metaphor for world peace using a New York City fire boat. I see the rainbow as our planet's true flag. In placing a rainbow over the U.N. building I raised the planet's flag above the flags of all nations symbolizing world peace coming before national allegiance

UN Rainbow


Camp Quality Rainbow

Camp Quality is a camp for children with cancer. At a series of camps I created a large scale natural rainbow that the campers walked through to joyously discover what is at the at the end of the rainbow. My life has forever been changed by these couragous Children.

Camp Quality rainbow

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